Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life is about Changes...

Constant changes...and if it wasn't like that life would be boring, with no purpose...I believe changes are the road to our goals and dreams.

Sometimes I am like an old lady. I am afraid of certain changes...I don't like my comfort zone to be disrupted. But I know it is what it is, we have to keep moving on or else will be stuck for an eternity.
I know things will work out for the best. Hubby is taking this new position but a little far from home, this changes some of my goals a little bit-for awhile. But I know is the best. He made the right the decision even though I am not thrilled, and he knows how I feel about it and he understands. But he knows I support him. I've done the same thing in his position.
I believe God will guide me and my Kids during this process.

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