Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stay at home Mom

I am a stay at home Mom. Something I thought I would never be. But I am, due to the circumstances. Lost my job last yr and 3 months after got pregnant and had the most difficult pregnancy. I was looking for a job while pregnant, those news were completely unexpected. But things got not easy with my pregnancy so we decided, hubby and I to just stay at home and bake the bun in the oven. The idea was to get back to work at least 2 months after Nayeli was born, she will be 9 months next week. But then, I wanted to stay a little longer with her, I can't hide it. I guess I am enjoying what I couldn't with Alex because I was working and he had to go to daycare at 2 months after my maternity leave was over. They are both special, they are both my miracle babies. At this point after being with Nayeli for so long we are both attached. It's time for me to get a job and I am working on it, when the time comes it will be so difficult to adjust not to be with her all day.

Now, being a stay at home mom is some kind of a job! If I thought I worked my butt off before now is not neccesary a piece of cake, but yet is the most wonderful job in the world. Alex goes to school so like I said before it's pretty much Nayeli and I all day. She has been a wonderful baby, easy to take care of, very independent for being an almost 9 month old baby. Before crawling, doing chores was a piece of cake, now that she crawls and she loves it, not so much hahaha. By the end of the day I am all beat up. She don't sleep as much, I remember maybe 2 months ago she would still take 5 hr naps, wake up for a little while and go back to sleep. Now I beg her to take a nap sometimes when I want to take one, but of course she won't listen haha. I must say I really enjoy her company. The highlight of my day is when we both go to pick up Alex from school and we get home and spend some time together, but she usually goes to bed at 6:30pm more or less and Alex at 7:30 pm both until next morning.

I definitely enjoy being a mom of 2. The best job in te world.

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