Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planning a Disney Trip for Mr. A and Miss Naye

Since a couple of months ago Alex started to let us know emphatically that he wants to go to Disney. We went on 2011 when he turned 2 but I don't think he remember much if anything and Miss Naye was not around at that time. So about two months ago I started planning the Disney trip for his 4th birthday next April (2013).

I always do my planning and budgeting with time when I have big events like these. First because I can work on a budget and do my savings and because I like things to work out as planned, I want everybody to have a good time and maximize their time while on vacation. I also like to look for deals of course, comparing different sites and options, and sometimes booking with time is good for that.

For some reason I always end up staying inside the WDW Resort, every time I do numbers and compare with other options, and also compare benefits I always find it better to do it with them. Plus, you book and you separate package with only $200 and then you can pay it  little by little this way it would be so hard on your pocket. This week I am doing my last comparison between sites before booking just to make sure.

My package contains park tickets hopper, and hotel room. I do not add dining because it's really not worth it, and I do not add plane tickets because that you have to pay right away and since I book months before it's not worth doing it. Plane tickets are another story, that's another sets of comparisons between web sites, airlines etc.

This time Mr. A will be paying plane tickets, and park entrance since he will be 4 by the time of the trip. Miss Naye will only be 1 yr and4 months old so she don't pay either park tickets or plane tickets.

I've been to Disney quite a few times, well I even worked there 11 yrs ago in Magic Kingdom so you can imagine. But I must say I wouldn't go every year like some families do, but I enjoy going every now and then. I love it! Shhh, no one has to know.

So for the next few weeks - months I'll be working on our Disney Trip for next year. I can't wait for that time to come so I can see Mr. A's face when we tell him the news the same day we'll leave. I know it will be priceless.

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